[...] in my naivete, i actually believed that i could postpone choosing a profession until my demise. —marcel broodthaers

daniela franco has a penchant for dilettante polyvalence. in her projects she uses video, literature, music and on-line platforms as medium. her recent work is based, formally, in the orchestration of projects in collaboration with writers and musicians. and conceptually, in the creation of fictions through coincidences and the slight alteration of daily life.

she obtained a fulbright scholarship for an mfa at the san francisco art institute. her work has been awarded by the rockefeller foundation and the fundación jumex amongst others. she occupies her time archiving other people's collections, collecting notes addressed to strangers and photographs of people she has never met. she used to play in a band that nobody knew, reviews concerts that she never attended and art exhibitions she has never seen.

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